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Human Resources Challenges Indonesia - 1024 Words

Human Resources Challenges – Indonesia When conducting business in a foreign country, a company needs to consider several different business factors and challenges that might arise. As a company embarks on its venture in Indonesia, Human Resources department needs to be aware of the differences and key challenges that might arise. They need to be aware of key business challenges, key human resources challenges, and how to adapt some of the human resources policies and practices to culture/environment of Indonesia. Key Business Challenges It can be relatively time-consuming trying to enter the market because United States firms can run into complex regulatory and bureaucratic requirements. According to the 2015 report by the World Bank, Indonesia ranked 114 out of 189 countries in ease of doing business which makes the business environment challenging (â€Å"Doing Business in Indonesia,† 2016). (http://2016.export.gov/indonesia/doingbusinessinindonesia/index.asp). Economy: In Indonesia the chief of state and head of government is President Joko Widodo and it’s a republican government. The economic and political stance being unstable creates a high rating risk of doing business in Indonesia. Bribery, corruption, and lack of transparency is still very common in Indonesia which is another reason conducting business is difficult. In 2014, Indonesia top trade partners were China, Singapore, and Japan. As well as, an individual can start working at the age of 15 and with workingShow MoreRelatedNorth Asian Country : A Centralized Country Ruled By Authoritarian Government1035 Words   |  5 PagesGovernances’ Transformation Despite the difference in the political system, both countries, initially, was a centralized country ruled by authoritarian government which had full control over the forest resources. Along with the unfair distributed benefit and economic development orientation, the forest resources become heavily abused by the governments and the local forest communities which drastically accelerate the rate of the deforestation (Resosudarmo and Yusuf 2006; Sunderlin and Huynh 2005). SunderlinRead MoreIndonesia Us Relations765 Words   |  4 PagesIndonesia-US Relations Indonesia is the largest Moslem country in the world and has the fourth largest population. Still, many Americans dont know much about this archipelago. Indonesia is strategically located in Southeast Asia, between Asia and Australia and between the Pacific and Indian Ocean. It is made up of over 17,000 islands and the population consists of over 300 ethnic groups, each with its own local language and local tradition, struggling for survival, maintenance and, in some casesRead MoreA Research Study On Primate Conservation1385 Words   |  6 PagesPrimate conservation has long been a topic of debate, reliant most heavily on the struggle to provide the necessary resources to combat the declining rate of population growth among various species. Orangutans in particular, both Sumatran and Bornean, have experienced a rapid drop in their free-living populations. With an estimate of only 27,000 left in the wild, questions have been raised over what selective pressures are impacting the stea dy decline of these animals existence. While hunting andRead MoreBusiness Expansion in Indonesia1643 Words   |  7 Pagesunderstand a bit about how that environment was shaped over time. Business Enterprise in Indonesia - We have the opportunity as an organization to begin a business enterprise in Indonesia, one of the faster growing economies of the Asian world. We are providing materials for review prior to the decision that should help understand the strategic and tactical nature of the region. Overview The Republic of Indonesia is located in SE Asia and Oceania, and is an archipelago comprising about 17,500 islandsRead MoreEssay Least Developed Countries (LDCs)609 Words   |  3 Pagesand History of the Issue. General Parties Involved. A Least Developed Country (LDC) is a country that is defined as exhibiting the lowest indicator of socioeconomic development. A country can be classified as an LDC if they have low income, a Low Human Assets Index, a High Economic Vulnerability Index, and a population size no larger than 75 million. They must meet all four of these requirements. Origin of the Problem Countries classified as LDCs are often newly developed countries, have beenRead MoreThe Effects of Cultural Intelligence on Leadership Effectiveness in Multinational Organizations1354 Words   |  5 Pagesinteract and work with colleagues from across the world to complete a given job throws a lot of challenges on both the employees as well as the organizations. The challenges include factors such as language skills, leadership effectiveness, cultural intelligence, emotional intelligence, global mobility of human resource, employees’ productivity, working in different global time zone, communication challenge, work atmosphere, decision making etc. The more the organizations find opportunities to expandRead MoreHunger, Poverty, And Poverty1290 Words   |  6 Pagesindividual. Striving to end hunger inspires unity for those struggling and those who want to find a solution for the problem. Working together to improve life on land is one of the most important aspects in life. T he global challenge is to end hunger while taking advantage of all the resources that people have in their lives. It’s critical to improve life on land and finding different ways to grow a large amount of food. Many people who are struggling to provide food for families, starving, and strugglingRead MoreEconomic Development Of Indonesi A Long Term Plan1559 Words   |  7 PagesEconomic development in Indonesia began in early 1970. Indonesia had a low income per capita compared with other developing countries such as India, Bangladesh or Nigeria. As one of the poorest country in the world, Indonesia faced many challenges to cater its inhabitants, for example more than half of the population was living in absolute poverty. This condition made Indonesia had a low life expectancy because lack of health infrastructure such as hospital and medical workers. Some regions facedRead MoreThe Workplace Conditions And Safety Climate Related Programmes1409 Words   |  6 Pagescountries, are remained poorly neglected (Bosak, Coetsee, Cullinane, 2013) . For instance, Indonesia as an emerging country has three major issues regarding safety climate, including labour market, security and quality of the working environment issues, such as poorly paid salary and wages, long working hours, accidents, etc. (OECD, 2014). In fact, Jamsostek (2013) reports that work accidents in Indonesia has been increasing to one point seventy six percent per year (p.82). For example, in 2013Read MoreThe Importance Of Equality Development Program Is A Key For Sustainability Development944 Words   |  4 Pagesdeliver their ideas or opinions because they could not have resources and opportunities (Oakley 1991). Marginal group on development process in the rural community may reluctant to participate because the participation method usually tends to become a one way communication therefore marginal group in community should be able to identify their strength (Minkler 1997) to be able to co ntribute in development process. Rural area in Indonesia especially marginal group has high illiterate or they had primary

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