Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Proof of haven Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Proof of haven - Essay Example As he gives his narration, he tries to prove that what he experienced through the journey was purposeful, an experience never witnessed before. Taking a stance on whether the account given is true or not, it is important to consider the kind of evidence presented in the book. Nobody has ever been to heaven, and as such, it is difficult to deduce the reality of what heaven is like. While the bible explains how heaven is likely to be, the fact remains that neither of the bible accounts describes vividly of what heaven is like. Jesus himself gave insights of what life in heaven would be like. As he warned sinners of eternal suffering, he promised non-sinners eternal happiness, one that would never end. Jesus, being the son of God was the best source of such information; he lived in heaven with his father God before coming down to rescue God’s children from the evil one, he sat at the throne and was part of the trinity. Therefore, when he promises of peace, joy and unending happin ess, he means of exactly what he witnessed in heaven. Other accounts are through prophets, who prophesied of the events that would characterize the second coming of the son of God (Mawungwa, 15). At the time of his second coming, prophesies say, all dead will resurrect, and will ascend to heaven (Royalty 48). In heaven, the road is narrow; it is times narrower than the highway of hell. The road will not be an easy one, as biblical accounts hold. It will be rocky and thorny; it will be full of challenges, contrary to the road leading to hell, which will be full of happiness. However, in heaven, the joy that the faithful will have has no comparison with any worldly happiness (Royalty 49). People will bow down in front of his majesty. He will be sitting at the throne, in his white robe, and Jesus on his side. With the promise of heaven being a hot topic among Christians, different people try to visualize what it would be like in heaven (Mawungwa 15). It is a place we long to be, an exp erience we would like all to have. With every person having hopes of ever stepping into heaven, different people have come up with claims of having been to heave. The recent case is Dr. Eben Alexander’s account of his journey to heaven and his near death experience. Many people, especially the medical practitioners and physicians have strongly refuted his claims, terming them as baseless and false. In fact, some believe that during the entire coma, he was hallucinating, something they doubtfully have proven. Others believe that he actually was not in a coma as he alleges, but was rather faking it. The credibility of his professionalism have also come up, with different professionals accusing him of having tried to forge documents to cover up flaws and messes he had committed in his medical career. Personally, I do not base my assertions on the credibility of his medical career or whether the coma was self-induced or not. I base my arguments on the fact that he cannot prove be yond reasonable doubt that he was in heaven. Additionally, his account is flawed with things that do not add up, regardless of the chronology of events as he highlights them. Dr. Eben Alexander, in his account explains what happens when a person dies. After his death, he first went to the underworld before his ascension to the sky. In his description of the underworld, he gives what appears to happen in horror movies,

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