Tuesday, November 19, 2019

From the business idea (will upload the file), create a hybrid of Assignment

From the business idea (will upload the file), create a hybrid of ideas or compile a new idea then, document how the business mo - Assignment Example What makes the company success The sinner party company being a brand new service within the area of location, many people above eighteen years would be attracted to the services offered by the company. Many of the customers would be looking for a bar with lighting and logo placement which would help in overcoming the competitions by the other companies. Additionally, the Sinner Party Company has been strategically placed where the population is high hence more customers. The process layout of the company is very convenient to the customers hence their attraction to the company (Anderson, Narus & Van Rossum, 2006 pp. 90). Target customer The Sinner Party Company has no discrimination to customers. The company targets all kinds of customers at all age above 18 which is authorized by the law. The customer consideration by the company is the ability to make the payment of the services provided by the company. Additionally, they consider the customers attitudes and their behaviors during the party. For instance, the customers should be able to adhere to the company’s rules and regulations where they should not carry anything illegal to the party station (Winer, 2001n.p). In that case, the sinner party company gets attached well to their customer hence good relationship. The company’s relationship to the customers is pleasing and strong. For instant, the company offers the customers with two options; to provide private bar service for the customers at their own homes, to provide the customer with both the destination and the private bar services (Payne & Frow, 2005 pp. 168). Additionally, the company places the parties near to the customers where they are able to access the places at the right time. They also have the freedom offered by the company to choose the product they would wish to have during their function. In that case, the company’s relationship to the customers is strong enough (Payne & Frow, 2005 pp. 170). Macro environment The Sinn er Party Company has been net working economically, politically, socially, and technologically. Due to their social relationship with the Sydney people, they have been allowed to use the offices and the suburbs for their functioning. On the other hand, politically, Sinner Party has strictly adhered to the laws (Kirschbaum, 2005). They do not allow any customer who might bring illegal things in their company. In that case, the company has flourished without any government complains. On the side of economic, the sinner party company is a government revenue generating company. They consider the customers ability to make the payment according their charges. In that case, they make adjustments of their charges to equalize each customer and make everyone fit in to their rank (Kirschbaum, 2005). Due to the technology advancement in the company, the operations have been ease. The record keeping has become computerized where the company is able to record more than one thousand customers with their dates of functioning. Additionally, company has been able to bank their money hence safety. The sinner party company operates both daytime and night. In that case, the advancement of the technology has highly benefited the company. They have employed security maintainers who have been using technological tools to keep and ensure the customers safe both during the two sessions. Distribution channel The use of

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