Sunday, November 17, 2019

The story develops Essay Example for Free

The story develops Essay The author of Frankenstein is Mary Shelley. She was born on August 30th 1797 in London. Then later died on February 1st 1851 when she was 53. Her father was William Godwin, he was a radical philosopher and a novelist. Her mother was Mary Wollstonecraft, she is still known today as a feminist. Her mother died in September 10th 1797 of a disease called puerperal fever. Mary Shelley was married to Percy Shelley. She eloped with Percy Shelley at the early age of 16, the reason for this is that Percy Shelley was already married. They eloped to France. Percy Shelley was an important figure in his own right because he was a poet and good friends of her parents. Mary Shelley and Percy Shelley had four children, but sadly only one survived. Shortly after the death of Mary Shelleys first child she had a dream about her dead child being held before a fire and then being restored to life by someone breathing into her. Mary Shelleys husband Percy Shelley drowned when he was 29 years old on a boat trip. The book was written because of a ghost challenge set by Lord Byron. At the time Mary Shelley was only 19, which made her the youngest in the challenge. There were other people who were set the challenge as well but when Lord Byron saw Mary Shelleys book he was deadly serious about trying to get it published. Mary Shelleys life is the key thing that influenced her in writing the novel. One influence in her life was her mother dying when Mary Shelley was only 10 days old. Also three of Mary Shelleys children died in infancy. When one of her children died, shortly after she had a dream of breathing life back into the child. This is said to have been influential towards the novel. The time when Mary Shelley wrote the novel, in the early 19th century, was a very exciting time for scientific and industrial development. It was known as the age of endless possibilities, simply because they thought they could do anything and nothing could stop them. This is thought of to have been another reason why Mary Shelley wrote about Frankenstein because it would appeal to a lot of people at the time it was written.

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