Friday, November 1, 2019

Weekly Assignment No. 12 & Weekly Assignment No. 13 Essay

Weekly Assignment No. 12 & Weekly Assignment No. 13 - Essay Example We are reviewing the performance of big contractor companies on the recent projects to select the one we would like to contract with. A business proposal is a kind of business plan when the business is in the conceptual stage. The scope of work, the resources and other business essentials have not yet been finalized. On the other hand, a business plan is the actual plan of a business once everything has been finalized. It has scenario details and is usually made for a period of five years. The business plan includes but is not limited to the products, the cost and benefit analysis, objectives and the marketing plan. Entrepreneurs need a business plan in order to concoct the management and leadership strategies. The business plan suggests the resources that the entrepreneur should arrange as well as the milestones that the entrepreneur has to achieve. The business plan provides the entrepreneur with a firm basis for his/her future decisions and an objective understanding of the business as a

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