Sunday, August 11, 2019

Argument for Euthanasia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Argument for Euthanasia - Essay Example Sometimes euthanasia refers to assisted suicide owing to the fact that a physician has to be involved in the act. I seek to defend the rule and existence of euthanasia in the contemporary society with much consideration of the impact that pain results to individuals. It is true that euthanasia relieves a patient from suffering prolonged pain especially due to diseases that are not easily treated. Euthanasia should be endorsed at all costs because it leads to easy death without necessarily letting an individual patient undergo long-term suffering occasioned by terminal disease. The proponents of euthanasia in the views of Soifer claim that the values of life encompass self- determination, which allows individuals, make proper decision in accordance with how they perceive good life (13). Individual patients have the rights of accepting to be under life sustaining technology or left to die. One is supposed to decide by oneself the nature of death he/she deems better as a way of alleviat ing suffering. In addition, ethics allow the family of the patient to call for euthanasia when it realizes that the victim may survive even after receiving series of treatment (Soifer 12). This may be viable especially in the conditions where the patient has become burden to the family in terms of medical care bills while posing no signs of improvement. The two modalities of assisted euthanasia should be applied depending on the circumstance that requires provision of assisted death to an ailing patient. The families of the patients suffering from terminal pains should always be allowed to opt for passive involuntary euthanasia to be carried on the patient. Considering the fact the family members of the patient are the ones who cater for medical of the patient, they should always be allowed to make decisions for doctors to overdose the patients or disconnect the patient from the sustaining machines. Practicing euthanasia on persons perceived to have little or no probability of survi ving should be approved for the act save governments and individual intimates of the patient some amount of money and revenue that can otherwise be enhanced in developing other sectors if economy. Endorsing euthanasia will mean increased death rates in an economy, which may lead balanced distribution of resources in an economy thereby stabilizing and strengthening the specific economy. Active voluntary euthanasia proclaimed by the individual patient under proper mental consciences. Active euthanasia bears great elements of self-rights and self-decision concerning the manner in which an individual plan to conduct his/ her life. In addition, every individual has expanse right to die and should not be deterred from deciding death if his/her decision to die does not pose negative effects to other people. It is explicitly wrong to let an ailing patient continue to suffer over a disease that has no possible cure at the time that he/she has expressed willingness to die. With the growing po pulation of ill people across the world to an extent that there arises immense shortage of health facilities, endorsing euthanasia will assist in evacuating the congested health facilities. When the terminally sick individuals continue to occupy beds and space, other patients who only suffer from curable diseases may lack and miss health facilities. I also stand to support the legislations formulated in Netherlands that supports practicing of voluntary euthana

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