Saturday, August 31, 2019

Modern-Day Discrimination in America

Tim Manyak 10/21/12 English ! 01 DISCRIMINATION IN AMERICA Although great strides have been made in the past century for awareness and avoidance of discrimination of all types, these practices remain prevalent to some extent. There has been a change in perception such that when the term discrimination is used that it refers primarily to racial bias against minorities. Racial discrimination towards any particular group is to be condemned. The prevailing stereotype may be that racial discrimination is mostly directed toward African Americans but there is ample evidence that it is also directed toward other groups.Therefore, it is important to raise awareness of these occurrences so that all may try to avoid such practices and activities. One group of people in particular that are discriminated against is Hispanics. Bias against Hispanics is well documented and it is difficult to separate whether this discrimination is on the basis of ethnic or racial grouping. Hispanics are discriminat ed against in several ways. One example of this discrimination is Arizona’s ratification of â€Å"The  Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act†.This is a law that requires all aliens older than fourteen be registered with the U. S. government, and be in possession of these documents at all times. The law also makes it illegal for any alien to be in Arizona without carrying these documents with them and, thus, subjects them to arrest. This law encourages racial profiling because it makes it legal for law enforcement officials to arrest any alien on suspicion of being an illegal immigrant. Another group of people that are discriminated against is Whites.In recent times, it would seem that people are selected or considered for something based more so on the fact that they are a minority. A substantial amount of racial bias is brought upon by affirmative action as well. A prime example of this would be the case Fisher vs. University of Texas. In this case, student Abigail Fisher felt she was denied admission to the University of Texas based on the fact that she was white, not on her academic performance. In 2003, the Supreme Court passed a law saying that race could play a role in the admissions process of universities, again encouraging racial profiling.Another example of racial discrimination against Whites would be the media bias in the Trayvon Martin case. Many news stations were quick to draw conclusions and pass judgment on George Zimmerman. In an attempt to make the attack seem racially motivated, some stations even played edited versions of the recorded 911 call made by Zimmerman minutes before the attack. Racial oppression of Whites occurs daily in America, and while on some occasions subtle, it continues diminish the lives of citizens all over the country.Another population of Americans that are heavily discriminated against are the Sikhs. Sikhs are a religious people, originally from South Asia, and very rich in culture an d tradition. Sikhs are often confused with Muslims, who are of a completely different religion and background. As a result of this confusion and the many conflicts between the U. S. and the Middle East, Sikhs have received a very considerable amount of racial discrimination from other people. An example of this discrimination took place in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.Wade Michael Page, a white supremacist, walked into a local Sikh temple and opened fire, killing six and injuring another four, before taking his own life with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. No one is completely certain as to why Page committed this horrifying crime, but experts strongly imply that it was racially induced. Sikhs have faced the most brutal and direct type of discrimination due to the consistent conflict with the Middle East throughout the last decade.With the number of racially motivated crimes in America constantly increasing, it is also becoming increasingly more evident that there is much to be done to restore the fairness in America today. In order for true equality to occur in America, it is up to it’s citizens to overcome decades of ignorance and injustice. Racial discrimination exists against all races. Awareness of the problem will help continue the fight against discrimination. We must all do our part to be aware and prevent discrimination.

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