Monday, August 12, 2019

BUSINESS MODELS AND PLANNING Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

BUSINESS MODELS AND PLANNING - Essay Example The project leader would need to establish the standards within which the communication will occur. The stakeholders would also need to be aware of the course of the communication with the indication of how and when it will take place. The strategic information enables the project leader to set the scope for all the communications that are relevant to the project. The strategic information is also significant for scheduling various projects, within a period, thereby making the stakeholders to be aware of the progress. In proper management of the firm’s processes, the project leader would need a proper strategic information to help in ensuring consistency in the communication process. The presentation of the strategic information to the stakeholders helps them to maintain consistent communication with each other. The stakeholders would need to follow the strategic information to identify any information about the project management. The strategic information helps in harmonizing the stakeholders since all of them have similar information about the situation of the project. The project leader also has the ability to make the stakeholders aware about any change in the project. Consequently, the strategic information helps the project leader to avoid delays associated with the stakeholders being misinformed. Further, the strategic information also increases the productivity of the workers. The establishment of a strategic information ensures that every employee remains informed of every activity included in the project. For instance, a project leader of a company would need to keep the stakeholders aware of the need for their input in reducing the volume of the solid wastes by 50%. This calls for the need of strategic information, which is efficient in equipping the stakeholders with the necessary information. The strategic information helps in restricting the stakeholders to the scope of the project since keeps them

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