Thursday, August 22, 2019

Women Should Be Equal To Men Essay Example for Free

Women Should Be Equal To Men Essay Are women of less importance than men? In this paper, I will attempt to explore the difference in pay scales, which exist between men and women. It appears that women face discrimination on the economic front as they receive lesser pay scales, both nationally and internationally. Whether a woman is in the business world, or in the skilled labor profession, her salary does not equal that of the male counterpart. It is because of the ancient world view that men are the bread-winners of the family, and hence, in a male dominated society, women may continue to experience a gender disparity in the pay scales. I believe that the primary goal of the business world should be to create an atmosphere where men and women gain equal benefits. In my social work class, we learned that employee is dissatisfied with the feeling of being undervalued, and thus, it can take a toll on the productivity of the entire workforce. Therefore, companies should give equal opportunities to both men and women. For example, in education sector, the educated women with a Bachelor’s degree are only a small percentage of the total number of employees, and the percentage of educated women with a Master’s degree is much lower. Besides, their income is also lesser than men. In my field of social work, there are a high percentage of women who still earn lesser than men, and represent only a small number in the management positions. There are three tiers of occupations, which are grouped according to education: Managers and professionals, job supervisors including non-professional as well as self-employed workers, technicians, police, fire-fighters, clerks, etc. Read more:Â  Equality Between Man and Woman Essay , and less skilled workers like sales clerks, food and related service workers, unskilled blue collar workers, etc. In ancient American society, it was noted that the white women worked at home for rearing her children, irrespective of financial status, or social class of the family. At present, the employment market is operating on wage basis to meet the growing demands for production of goods. Considering the current gender bias situation in employment, men still have greater chances of being promoted than women in the upper management positions. Both white women and minority women placed at middle management positions face obstacles for getting promotion to upper management positions because most of the upper executives and operating officers are men, who tend to exclude hiring as well as promotion of women to higher management positions. Further promotions are often given to men who are already at the top of the ladder. It is a pity that women face problems of competition with men in the same profession upon graduation from college, even in the age of technological advancement. The solution of the problem is to give the same pretest to both men and women for judging their eligibility to qualify for equal pay scales for doing equal work. Moreover, it should be highlighted in the media that women should also have equal rights as men. Finally, I believe that this was a great subject to study, but I could not find the existence of gender bias in administrative and low pay scale clerical positions, where women are employed in comparatively larger numbers than women at either management positions, or in upper class professional positions such as engineers, doctors and lawyers. However, it is interesting to note that there are more women who own their business corporations worth billions of dollars. Although the gender bias gap may not be disappearing in terms of the fewer number of women at higher positions and grant of lesser pay scales to women, the appearance of independent women in charge of corporations, has yielded some fame and social status to the women population as a whole, which can be considered to reduce the gender gap to some extent.

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