Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Advertising in America Essay -- Advertisements Media Essays

Advertising in America (All need revisions in italics) Are advertising companies out of control now a days? Do they play on the average Americans fears about certain events in life to sell their products? Do they try to attack events that are one and a million to sell us useless things? Advertising companies use all of those tactics to sell things to the average everyday concerned American. This is especially evident in security systems, new cars, and also in equipment. This aspect of advertising is also apparent in commercials trying to stop Americans from buying things such as cigarettes and drugs. These advertising companies have been very successful in using this tactic to sell their goods. Security systems for homes have been a big seller thanks to this tactic used by advertising big shots. ADT is a leading security system seller who uses this in every commercial they make. The fear that they play on is the fear of being attacked in the middle of the night. They show a family in the quiet suburbs with a nice home in a nice neighborhood. They show a burglar trying to break into the home which is un-successful due to the alarm system in the home. It the shows the family being woken by the sound of the alarm followed by a call from the professionals at adt who monitor all the alarms. The person on the phone tells the family to remain calm and notifies them that authorities are on the way. This is a solid example of advertising playing on American fears. They target middle class families in the suburbs because they know that they have money to install them, and know that for the most part care about the safety of their families. Scare tactics such as this one, works for th e company who sells hundreds of thousands of sec... ... you buy drugs you may be supporting the enemy. This is a strong attack that appeals mainly to older teens who understand the war. These uses of advertising are being used more and more by companies. They realize that Americans are caring about more and more. Americans are becoming more and more concerned with issues such as saftey, beauty, and bronze. This opens many doors for companies to sell their products. In conclusion I believe advertising companies do use fear to sell their products. Along with believing that they use our fears to bleed us of money for absolutely useful things, I also believe that these companies are successful and will become more and more successful as more fears accumulate in the American consumers mind. Since the seller is also a consumer he or she knows exactly which fears to play which makes it a very successful advertising tactic.

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