Monday, September 2, 2019

Computers and I :: Personal Narrative Writing

Computers and I Computers are linked to almost every aspect of life. I was shown computer technology back in my early grade school years. Teachers would shuffle a pack of twenty kids at a time into a confined room filled with the new computer technology. The only thing I remember using computers for all through elementary school was to play Oregon Trail, which was like an un-evolved Nintendo game. I didn’t understand why all the adults guarded and respected the computers as if precious materials when all I used them for was to play games. Little did I know that the computer would create an unavoidable effect on my life. As I grew older and wiser I began to understand the practical use of the computer technology. I began typing my reports instead of trying to write them really really neat in pen. The typing and printing technology turned out to work really well for school related purposes; it was much easier and quicker than writing in pen. Computers weren’t foolproof though and I figured that out in high school when I accidentally erased one of my lengthy reports. Luckily I had decided to write my first draft the old fashioned way: with a pencil. Despite the forethought typing a whole report over again was still time consuming and aggravating. There was no way around re-typing my report either; as computers became increasingly available teachers demanded typed papers. Computers had already made changes in the way I spent my time. An aspect of computer technology that I found most amazing was the Internet. In college I began to utilize the Internet for purposes of self-education. The Internet has helped me gather much reference material for my artwork as well as opening me up to the whole world of contemporary art that existed on the Internet. I was exposed to a countless number of artists of whose work I would have never been able to see without the use of Internet. Now when I have a general guestion about a subject I simply look it up on the Internet. I began to realize that the Internet opened up a new world for everyone with access to it. Eventually everyone was using computers and the Internet on a regular basis.

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