Friday, September 13, 2019

Sky Global Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Sky Global - Essay Example The nature of the subsidiary office will be basically meant marketing because the products will be processed in Australia and shipped to France. France has a variety of races and people with different lifestyles (Sparrow, Brewster, & Harris, 2004). Though it can be said that French markets is diverse, provision of good services makes consumers buy the product in the market. Justification of the choice The major reason for the establishment of the subsidiary is mainly due to the potential market available in the country. Traditionally French people had some specific ways of identifying the cepage and terroir (Edwards, 2007). The terroir identify the wine in regards to the place where the processing was done, the taste of wine from that region and skills that the producer has. In the other way, cepage identifies wine by the type of grapes used in the process of making the wine (Edwards, 2007). For many years the French wine consumers based their choice of wine on terroir however a new trend is emerging that preference has shifted to being based on cepage where wines were associated with the grapes and its taste. Basically this is an opportunity as most of the foreign wines are gaining acceptance in the market and therefore Sky Global Wine Company could not wait to seize the opportunity (Edwards, 2007). Management Structure Structure of management between the headquarters and the subsidiary With the new subsidiary in place, it is important to ensure that the company has the most important staff that will coordinate its activities in France. For efficiency the following posts were found to be necessary for smooth running of the business. The manager in the Subsidiary country will coordinate with the headquarters on the operation activities Country Manager Manager in charge of Marketing Chief Wine Technologist Manager in charge of Production Finance Manger Human Resource Manager Country Manager The activities revolving around the success of the company will be mainl y based on the manager. The company will place an experience manager from the company in order to facilitate the experience that has seen the company grow in its international market (Price A. , 2007). It will be necessary to have a manager from the parent country because it is more likely to have a wide selection to make from. Manager in charge of Marketing The manager in charge of marketing should be from the host nation basically this is because of the cultural and language understanding (Sparrow, Brewster, & Harris, 2004). It will be important to work with the person conversant with the environment that than to just make a choice Chief Wine Technologist Since the brand has gained its international reputation through its quality and test, it will be equally important to ensure an expatriate who has vast experience in working for the company takes the mandate. Manager in charge of Production Finance Manger Human Resource Manager Most of the employees will be from the subsidiary co untry since their presence will be an added advantage due to their experience working in the country. They are perfectly in a good position to deal with issues arising from their own country. Comparison between Peoples management in the host country and the subsidiary country People’s management style in Australia In Australia the sense of equality in an organization is highly valued to extend that the manager should not behave like a superior.

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