Monday, September 9, 2019

Orem-Nursing Grand Theory Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Orem-Nursing Grand Theory - Assignment Example With this concern, the assignment intends to describe, evaluate and discuss the application of Orem-Nursing Grand Theory. The assignment also provides a detailed analysis and evaluation of the theory along with its application in diverse fields.   Orem’s General or Grand Theory of Nursing comprises three condensed theories, namely â€Å"self-care theories†, â€Å"self-deficit theory† and â€Å"nursing theory†. The theory was developed by Dorothea Orem. The theorist Orem was born in Baltimore in the year 1914. In 1934, she obtained her diploma in nursing from Washington D.C.’s Providence Hospital School of Nursing. In 1939, she received her bachelor of science in nursing education and in 1945 she obtained her master of science in nursing education from Catholic University of America. It is worth mentioning that she had a wide-ranging background in terms of clinical practice which included adult med-surge, private duty, pediatrics and ER supervisor. She also served as an administrator of nursing service as well as supervisor of the school of nursing at Providence Hospital in Detroit. In the year 1949, Orem joined Indiana State Board of Health, Hospital Division where she functioned as a sup port agent for upgrading and improving the nursing services in several hospitals in Indiana. During 1958-59, Orem rendered her service as an advisor to â€Å"the Office of Education†, â€Å"Department of Health†, â€Å"Education and Welfare† in Washington and was involved in enhancing practical nurse training. This work inspired her to strive for identifying the conditions influencing the decision about the need for nursing care. As an answer to her quest resulted in the generation of the idea in which she expressed that a nurse is â€Å"another self†.

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