Saturday, September 7, 2019

The Effects of Various Substances on the Rate of Sodium, Potassium and Lab Report

The Effects of Various Substances on the Rate of Sodium, Potassium and Urine Excretion in the Human - Lab Report Example The main reason behind this is that Furosemide is a very strong diuretic. In this experiment, volunteers from three various student groups participated in one of the sample groups. They provided the required urine sample that is needed for collection of data. The collected data was assembled, illustrated, and calculated to get the expected results. It is expected that the statistical results will indicate that there was an increase in urine out from the samples of alcohol and juice groups but not in potassium and sodium. The furosemide samples should record a definite increase in urine output in both samples of sodium and potassium groups and the other two samples groups of alcohol and juice. The reduction of potassium and sodium output in the experiment proved that most potassium and sodium was reabsorbed in the blood before the filtered fluid in the body became urine and ultimately eliminated from the body as urine. Diuretics are forms of drugs, which increase urine production in order to create the hypotensive effect. Furosemide operates in a manner that it blocks the absorption of potassium and sodium from the filtered fluid, causing an increase in urine output (dieresis). The main objective of this experiment was to determine the diuretic effects of furosemide against a control group and another group that was under the influence of alcohol. The effects were later observed through potassium and sodium excreted by the human volunteer. The action mechanism depletes sodium from the blood plasma leading to the hypotensive effect. A reduction in the amount of blood plasma leads to a reduction of peripheral workload and cardiac output. The experiment was carried out at the University of Brighton among the different pharmacy group students. The experiment required that no pregnant student or any student under contraceptive drugs would participate in this experiment.  Students that are diagnosed with any kidney disorder or taking medication that controls their blood pressure must also not participate in this experiment.

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