Thursday, October 17, 2019

ARTICLE REVIEW Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

REVIEW - Article Example The article was effective and can assist many people in the manner through which they go about their day to day activities. The reason for this is the manner through which the article defines the two types of people. One group is stated as being motivationally focused while the other is promotion focused. This assists the reader in understanding which type of person they are. With this perception they can develop personally and in their respective professional fields. One limitation of this section of the article is the fact that the writer has not given a specific outline on how a person can identify their powers and deficiencies with regard to the two groups in which they have been placed. It is however important to take a self assessment after reading the basic points on the groups and understanding the way forward where an individual can get to analyze their particular traits (Stevens, 2008). Creating motivational fix is another topic greatly discussed in the paper. In the contemporary reading society, very few people read entire articles and many of these people get bored when they find that they cannot relate to the various topics given. The article however ensures that the reader has a general understanding of the topic where even before going through a topic critically, the reader has the ability to understand whether they can relate evenly. This is done by the author stating the importance of the particular topic. The article discusses motivational fix and states that it is vital because it assists in keeping the goals that an individual has set, in focus. With this motivational fix, the reader gets to understand the key ingredients to success acknowledging the fact that if they do not have this, they may fail in life (Higgins & Halvorson, 2009). The expose is also significant in that it helps the reader understand the various steps that they ought to take after getting the motivational fix. The article

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