Sunday, October 6, 2019

Quality control throughout the life cycle Assignment

Quality control throughout the life cycle - Assignment Example This may require measuring the project performance, modification to work breakdown structure and alternately revising the project management plan, particularly components of plan that include scope management plan, time management plan and cost management plans. Techniques like fast tracking would be one of our major option while planning for the schedule management. Also a number of risks may need to be reviewed including regulatory requirements to procurements and additional resource allocation. Further, effective implementation of a change control system to analyze and accept the changed scope for approval would also be crucial. While managing the triple constraints of scope, time and cost, it is equally essential to effectively manage the quality of the project outcome. According to Sanghera (2010), controlling the quality is a critical to the project management requirement effective mitigation of the project risks. This suggests reviewing the quality management plan and risk management plan to complement the additional scope. Mulcahy (2011) highlights the use of seven basic tools of quality including Cause and effect diagram, Flowchart, Histogram, Pareto chart, Run chart, Scatter diagram, Control chart to monitor and control the project quality. In project with change in scope, a mix of following quality tools is recommended. Flow Charts. Flow Charts helps to identify the source of an existing or potential quality problem in the project and develop approaches to resolving these problems (PMBOK 2008). It is a graphical representation of all the project processes showing activities, their sequence and decision making points. In a construction project with additional scope having a same time bar, flow charts would be used to review the interaction of all activities and analyze any potential problem especially in case of fast tracking. A major merit of flow charts is to consolidate procedures and processes, for

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