Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Reply to professor comments regarding # 1110606 Assignment

Reply to professor comments regarding # 1110606 - Assignment Example Intrinsically, the support pattern is upheld for a long period of time, maybe, till another person takes over the presidency. The power to declare war makes the presidency too powerful. Despite the constitution giving the Congress the exclusive power to declare war, in the contemporary presidency, the presidency can declare war without any formal Congress declaration. The U.S. is rich in missiles that have nuclear warheads. It’s only the president who is bestowed with the power to launch them by giving a signal, something that can lead to instant destruction of the cities in their entirety (Lowi 2012, p. 195). Surprisingly, the people who wrote and promulgated the presidency had the right intention of striking a balance of power between the presidency and the Congress; however, the modern presidency has evolved to claim too much power as compared to the Congress. The writers of the constitution would not predict that the U.S. world transform to be the worlds richest nation in terms of weapons. This has prompted amendments to the constitution from time to time, giving the presidents superfluous power s. The strength of the U.S.’s economy heightens the presidency’s powers. Presumably, the U.S. is among the top economies in the world. As such, the presidency of America is respected all over the world (Lowi 2012, p. 177). The president uses jets to tour the world and the advice he gives to other nations is taken with much seriousness than any other executive. Also, many dignitaries visit the White House from time to time to come and consult with the presidency on various issues. Contrary to the Congress, the presidency has evolved to be such a respected position, both locally and in the international

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