Friday, October 18, 2019

Medical Administration Records Sheet (MARS) Essay

Medical Administration Records Sheet (MARS) - Essay Example The chart itself varies from one hospital to the other. However there are basic components that must be included in whichever hospital or country. The obvious components are the patient’s name, patient medical record, ward and bed number where the patient was confined, the details of the treating team, and other variables like weight. All these are recorded on the demographics part. There is also a prescription part which records the name of the drug, the strength of the dosage, the route which can be either liquid or solid drugs, the frequency of the drugs administered, diagnosis, the details of the prescribing doctor and his signature. The most important benefit of keeping a medical administration record is of course for future reference. This means that if the patient comes back with the same or different complications the health care professional can always refer to the record to know what the patient had been diagnosed of in the last check-up. This would help a great deal in the present diagnosis. The health care professional may be able to determine if the present problem is a complication of the past problem or rather if it is associated or if the case is totally different. If the cases are related the health care professional may change the drugs or the dosages as some patients react different on different dosages and drugs. Some drugs would also not be compatible with others administered later thus it is important to always have a record of the past dosages so as to ensure what is administered later is compatible with the drugs formerly administered. Another importance of the medical administration record is to hold the health care professional for any medical treatment that he gives to a patient. As a professional the medical health care professional owes a duty of care to the patient. The health professional must do all that a reasonable person in his professional would do to cure the patient or to prevent

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