Saturday, October 5, 2019

Case study in Biomedical Engineering Ethics Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

In Biomedical Engineering Ethics - Case Study Example In the case study there is clear evidence that in that development of the TEHVs Pedia Valve as a start-up company is responding to biomedical engineering obligations. They are employing their research knowledge, skills and capabilities towards enhancement of public welfare in terms of health and safety. Considering the limitations of the current equipment in use such as bioprosthetic valves and Cadaver homograft valves such need for repeated future surgeries as well as inherent risks, the company is striving to increase safety for the patients. There are also the obligations in terms of biomedical engineering and training. They are required to comply with available guidelines in terms legal, governmental, research and ethical responsibilities. There is need to respect rights of subjects, colleagues the science community and entire public. In making the choice between the two options the company has also considered the question of training especially for the doctors and other medical personnel. To this end I think the company has complied significantly and obtained the necessary FDA approvals. There are various ethical and professional considerations applicable to the case study of Pedia Valves which the company has not ignored. A major ethical issue in the case study as has always been when it comes to using modern technology to give life to patients is the question of faith. While Pedia Valve and other likeminded companies undertake research and testing in order to innovatively enhance life, there always voices from the religious community especially who think it is the work of God to give life. There are also the ethical issues of using animals and humans as subjects for researching and testing the technology. The argument from opponents has always been that the rights of subjects are violated. In making of the decision of whether to enter the market with the first or second option, there are important issues of

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