Wednesday, July 31, 2019

African American President Essay

Between the two articles; â€Å"Hell Yeah, There’s Still Slam-Banging Black Music† by Greg Tate and â€Å"Starting Now, There Is No Such Thing as Black Music† by Cord Jefferson, they are basically discussing the beginning times of when Black Music came about and how it became labeled Black Music. Also how there should be no such thing as Black Music due to certain circumstance. Going back to when Black Music first became labeled Black Music and thinking about all the important Black leader who stood up for their rights and some who accomplished successful things that were once thought could only be accomplished by the Whites, I believe Black Music being labeled Black Music should stay the same. I also think whether to be considered Black Music or not, it will always be up to ones decision on what they consider the type of music they listen to no matter what anyone else says. What is labeled Black Music today I think has very significant and important meaning to the African American culture because just like the article â€Å"Hell Yeah, There’s Still Slam-banging Black Music,† African Americans don’t even have a country to call their own. I think having something simply as a type of music the Black’s created to call their own I don’t think should be a big deal at all and should not be changed. The article also mentioned that everything Black’s did back then became a beauty, especially their music which I think would be easy for anyone to see just knowing the history of African Americans and what they had to do just to be where they are today, slave and discrimination free. There is also plenty of successful African Americans we know about living today and from back then that went through a lot just have some recognition for the African American culture. Some of these successful African Americans not only include Musicians, but also actress and or performers, novel writers, business owners, and today a African American President. I do believe there is a such thing as Black Music simply because the music portrayed as Black Music is still continued today as well as when it first started. In the article by Cord Jefferson, he’s trying to compare basketball to the matter calling it a White’s sport because it first being played by White males, but it wouldn’t make sense being called a White’s sports today when today it’s played by many different races other than White males. Not saying that there aren’t non-Black people recording what we as Americans consider Black Music, but the larger majority of artist recording what’s labeled as Black Music today are African Americans. That’s basically how it’s been since the beginning start of Black Music and that’s how I believe it will stay.

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