Saturday, July 27, 2019

Television Affects on Society Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Television Affects on Society - Research Paper Example The paper will provide arguments for and against as to why the television has negatively affected the society. Thesis statement: The society should refrain from excessive viewing of the television. The negative effects of excessive viewing the television such as retarding brain development and obesity, are deleterious to human life as compared to the positive effects like for entertainment and education. In the information age, the use of screen media is inevitable. As cited by Carde Napier, a psycholgical reseacher, in his journal article How Use of Screen Media Affects the Emotional Development of Infants â€Å"there is a critical need for evidence-based guidelines for professionals and guardians about the utilization of screen media†. Screen media, television in particular, has a significant impact on the quality and quantity of the parent and child interactions that are crucial in developing secure attachments (2). Roy Warren in his article Parental Mediation of Preschools Childrens Televsion Viewing argues that guidance and supervision of parents is the to overcoming the potential negative effects of television. (395) Research has indicated that as brains continue to develop after birth, they are shaped by experiences and relationships. Therefore, it is more likely that the infant will be vulnerable to the effects of their environment. Therefore, the children will grow up expecting the TV’s unnatural sights and sounds to be part of their natural life, thus associating their presence with relaxation, enjoyment and security (201). In the current world, parenting is very crucial in child development. The study by Carde Napier in the article How Use of Screen Media Affects the Emotional Development of Infants found out that â€Å"parental attitudes in relation to screen media were very contented to use the television as a source of entertainment and babysitter (5). Some of the parents were actually

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