Thursday, July 25, 2019

Textual Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 3

Textual Analysis - Essay Example She tries to compare the human ears with the dried peach halves (Forche 1). The use of this simile brings out a stark image where she shows how lifeless the ears were but after dropping them in water, they became lively. The contrast and comparison elaborates on the Colonel’s brutality. Simile has also been used to compare the window gratings in the house with those that are found in the liquor stores. The use of irony is evident in the poems title â€Å"the Colonel† where Forsche is treated to a very sumptuous dinner. They are served with lamb racks, wine and green mangoes which tend to reflect a feast. However, they are also served with bread, which they do not know its type. As the writer puts it, there is a golden bell which is used to summon the maid. It is ironical to have a golden bell just to summon the domestic worker. Another type of irony is evident where the parrot joins their conversation on governance issues. On another perspective, the parrot does not com prehend anything on governance since it is not human but from the poem, it contributes to the interesting topic. The parrot reinforces the ugly events that the Colonel is talking explaining. It is also ironical in situations where the writer nods her head to agree to the Colonel’s stories that are brutal and horrifying (Forche 1). Irony is also evident in the scene where Forche claims that her friend talked to her with her eyes so that she should not say anything after the Colonel kicks the parrot out. The author also brings irony where she talks about the fence that had broken bottle glass, which would rip off and individual’s kneecaps. Repetition has also been used to create emphasis of the story. The writer has emphasized on the use of the word ‘some’, which has been used three times. For example, the Colonel says ‘something for your poetry’. The word has also been used in cases where Forche says ‘some of the ears on the floor’ . The use of ‘some of the’ has been used twice at the end of the poem to emphasize of the number of ears that had been thrown on the floor. Repetition is used in poems to create a rhythm that will help the reader. In this poem, repetition has been used to express emotions that have come up due to the Colonel’s brutality. For poets to come up with good poems, most of them employ the use of repetition since it creates a rhythm and alliteration for the reader. How the visual special devices affect the viewer and their effectiveness In the poem â€Å"The Colonel†, the writer has used visual impacts to reveal the image of the Colonel and his brutal acts. From the start of the poem, the poet tries to bring out a clear picture of the Colonel’s house. The author starts by describing the family members, the house, and its surroundings and later brings out the aspect of brutality after the Colonel brings out the ears. For emphasize on brutality, the author al so says that there is a pistol put on a cushion beside the Colonel. The author has also included every single detail that is happening in the house to create an imaginary house in the reader’s mind. She also explains what was on the television as they walked into the house. These special devices have led to visual imagery in the poem. According to the poem’s structure, the author has presented her work in just one paragraph that emphasizes on concrete poetry. The line placements and flow of words in the poem brings visual imagery. The longest lines in the poem try to

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