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Underdeveloped Countries and the War on Drugs Essay -- Drugs Third Wor

Underdeveloped Countries and the War on Drugs With the presidential election peering around the corner, it is time to bring back an age-old topic which has been troubling United States citizens for decades, the War on Drugs. Politicians have long quarreled over what sort of action should be taken to combat the world’s drug problems, and it is time that this issue surfaces again. Despite increased efforts from every government faction imaginable, the drug problem subsists, if not worsens. The market for cops and criminals in the drug war fields has not made any noticeable progress within the last 20 years (Kapczynski). Perhaps with the turn of the tide and hopefully a change of administration, the United States can develop a method that will enable them to make progress in this war, if it is not too late. Whoever assumes the presidential office for this next term will have to directly confront the sterility of the United States’ anti-drug programs. The United States needs to stop the War on Drugs and devote the annual twenty billion dollars to the countries that are being plagued with the drug problems so that they can work towards economic stability, which will potentially solve the drug traffic problems. To argue this, first it must be understood that the War on Drugs has failed and that the even the legalization of drugs is not going to help enough. Then it must be presented that the United States’ current efforts in Third-World countries are doing more harm than good and that we can fix this problem first by aiding the Third-World countries and not by destroying their economic structure. This issue is of greater importance now than ever before because we are losing the War. Despite the decrease in hectares from... ...ore reason that we should not continue this futile effort to stop the drug trafficking. We are doing more harm than good; I say it’s time to do more good. Works Cited Abramsky, Sasha. â€Å"The Drug War Goes Up In Smoke.† Nation Vol. 277: 25-29. â€Å"Drug Policy Project Director Calls War on Drugs a Failure.† Finance Customwire, 8 April 2004. Isacson, Adam. â€Å"Optimism, Pessimism, and Terrorism: The United States and Colombia in 2003.† Brown Journal of World Affairs Vol. 10: 245-256. Kapczynski, Amy. â€Å"Waging War With Drugs.† Index on Censorship Jan 2004: 76-81. â€Å"Reviving the War on Drugs.† New Straits Times 25 Jan. 2004. Whitford, Andrew B., Yates, Jeff. â€Å"Policy Signals and Executive Governance: Presidential Rhetoric in the War on Drugs.† Journal of Politics Nov 2003: 995-1013. Wolfe, Daniel. â€Å"Condemned to Death.† Nation 26 April 2004: 14-21.

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