Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Article Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Article - Essay Example The article begins its focus on the nature of the universe and the relation between the supernatural and the scientific world in the context of G-d’s existence. Despite the fact that they are affiliated with different religions, the four authors mentioned in the article believe that the existence of G-d is merely a subject of conversation. It shows that they believe G-d does not exist in this world of science. On further note with respect to the article, it was revealed that, some think G-d is a creature like human beings while others think G-d to be fictional. Moreover, few believe that, the existence of G-d would have been abolished if language had not been invented. Furthermore, the article reflects about history, which tends to reveal the atrocities committed by the theists against the atheists. Correspondingly, this article has provided valuable information with regard to the existence of G-d. Based on information from the article, the existence of G-d is viewed as a system of symbols and purpose by many people. Furthermore, this particular article has revealed that the views of the authors remain the same despite the fact that they belong to different religions and systems of faith. The article has also reviewed various motives and objections of people regarding organized religion and the existence of G-d. There prevail various dominant ideologies or the perception about the topic of the debate conducted. The ideologies are the similar belief or thinking of a group of people in the same society. The subject of this paper is quite similar to the meaning of the term ideology. The main focal point of the article is atheism; which is a non belief or rejection in the survival of G-d or deities. In the article two of the authors i.e., Anthony Lowenstein and Jane Caro are atheists and are providing their views with regard

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