Friday, July 26, 2019

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Essay Example GET 2 survey personal score: Need for achievement: 8/12 Need for autonomy: 4/6 Creative tendency: 11/12 Calculated risk taking: 7/12 Locus of control: 6/12 My result for this exercise was 36 out of 54 In accordance with my results, I have medium entrepreneurial capabilities. To my mind, I am lacking of professional experience, but with respect to my age I think that this experience is enough. I have a high degree of achievement need and creativity tendency. It means that I know what I want to reach in my business. There is a lacking of appropriate risk taking and I think that it is appropriate to focus more on possible outcomes of my activities. It is evident that personal contribution to my business development is very important, but to pay attention to my personal skills means much too. 2. What do you need to develop or improve? I have analyzed a current situation and I found out that I need to strive for autonomy. On the one hand, I am found of team form. From my school years I li ked doing common projects and work in the name of a common goal. I like communicating my ideas to other people and find something interesting in the name of a common goal. Moreover, I put the main emphasis on creative thinking development. Currently a global world is on the way of a high speed development and there is a need to look for innovative and unique decisions in the field of management and leadership. 3. What is the organization you work for (or have worked for) doing to attract and keep entrepreneurial talent? I have worked for 2 years as a manager of a profit Company. I was dealing with employee training and coaching. I was interested in development of communication among employees, building a communication bridge and performing my duties in the Company. I dealt with organization moments and I had to focus on certain dates for special meetings. I had to correct a schedule of my senior manager. Therefore, my punctuality and organization skills have been perfectly developed . Moreover, I dealt with the issues of leadership and the issues of the main activities of my organization. 4. How would you describe and evaluate the influence your working environment has had upon your entrepreneurial orientation? My working environment was rather diverse. Our organization hired representatives from different countries. Both representatives from Eastern and Western countries influenced a development of a diverse background for our work. When I had to communicate with different customers, I had to fulfill their needs with respect to their needs and wants. What is more important is that the customers were offered innovative means of communication. For example, I implemented usage of emails and social networks. Moreover, my customers were also pleased with having an opportunity for communicating online. It is more comfortable than solving the problems by phone and it saves time and money. Second Journal Entry Set Tasks: 1. Describe your approach to creative thinking and problem solving? I think that creative ideas can be produced only when an individual knows exactly what he wants to reach. I have been always looking for numerous opportunities to realize my creative potential. Thus, I decided to facilitate a process of communication among customers and employees. I knew exactly that â€Å"electronic bridge† (emails, websites, online updates etc) will be helpful in our daily routine. Another measure taken was my original approach to problem solving. I decided to invent a possible outcome and think about a potential benefits of a decision making process. When I thought what I wanted, my further considerations were related to my creative thinking and a potential creative approach. We had a problem in our company, when our

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