Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Problems Encountered Essay

It should be noted that flaws in every activity held within the organizations capacity is inevitable. As an organization covered and recognized under the jurisdiction of LNU, the Association of Political Science Students is expected to conduct and deliver activities consistent with that of the University or in consonance with its own personal interest. Provided however, that it will not disrupt the principles from which this University was founded. As the organization directs its activities, several problems erupted which hindered the same to deliver what is known as â€Å"best†. Problems in Performance, Preparation, Consistency and Criticisms existed. Problems encountered: 1) Performance Lack of cooperation and incompetence were encountered. For instance, annually, the Leyte Normal University as a whole celebrates its Founding Anniversary. The APSS, as an organization of, and in line with the celebration of the latter, conducted an exhibit labeled â€Å"Political Jungle†. During the conduct of the same, the APSS failed to deliver (although not entirely) what was being portrayed in the exhibit which resulted to criticisms not only by students but the Deans and teachers as well. With realization of failure, the APSS, specifically the committees involved felt drastic loss, low-morale and degraded at some point. 2) Preparation Lack of participation and readiness were encountered. To be more specific, the problems were encountered during when the APSS conducted a Lecture-Forum regarding the controversy on the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea). During the preparation of said event, the organizers due to lack of authority, if not, laziness failed to foster participation and cooperation amongst the Political Science Students needed in order to better realize the success of the event. With that occurrence, the organizers (committees) involved had trouble with all aspect in the preparation of the event, that is to say, the over-all appearance of the venue, logistics, etc. 3) Consistency and Criticisms Problem in the conformity of thoughts was encountered. It is common in every organization to argue on what concept to use whenever the latter conducts its activities provided that conformity is achieved. However, during the last activity held by the organization, that is, an exhibit entitled â€Å"Political Jungle†, the concept used was concluded by the majority of First year students independent of the higher years. Which eventually resulted to perplexity on the part of the former considering the fact that, the concept used to aid the event was poorly conceptualized – â€Å"The Naked Jungle of the Political Animals†. It left the activity and the APSS itself vulnerable to criticisms and confusion on the part of the individuals visiting the exhibit- – and it did.

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